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Pump for 1 litre bottles

Pump for 1 litre bottles

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Pump for 1 litre refill bottles so you can have a jumbo bottle of liquid soap by your sink or in the shower. 

Cut to fit the 1 litre Natural Antibacterial Liquid Soap bottle, will also fit Savon de Marseille 1 litre refill bottles but may need trimming.

Please note this pump is not recyclable (this is like most pumps available unfortunately) please wash and reuse. 


Customer Reviews
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Customer Reviews

I love these soap flakes! Good value... they do 100s of washes. no plastic, no nasty substances that harm the environment. Gentle on your clothes and skin.... and I love the smell when you are making the flakes into liquid - like a real Victorian kitchen.

Review by J B. on 16 Jan 2020

Beautiful soap flakes, slightly finer grade than the french ones, but work exactly the same. Utterly LOVE this stuff. Easy to make up the liquid, perfect for sensitive skin, plus the advantage it is totally biodegradable. Perfect for machine washing wool, silk, and any delicate fabric. Towels come up soft and snugly, wool also keeps its softness. I cannot recommend this highly enough! WONDERFUL!

Review by Pippa T. on 12 May 2019

Loving this product, easy to use, environmentally friendly, reducing plastic and it does a great job on the laundry

Review by Fiona S. on 9 Jul 2019

I have just reordered these flakes. I enjoy mixing up a tub! Good value, effective washing. With a drop of the Marseilles lavender washing liquid added clothes smell lovely too!

Review by Stella H. on 11 Aug 2019

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