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Black Liquid Marseille Soap  - CITRUS FRUITS

Black Liquid Marseille Soap - CITRUS FRUITS

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All natural multi purpose household cleaner

All natural multi purpose household cleaner

Can replace lots of other chemical cleaning products in your home

Can replace lots of other chemical cleaning products in your home

Does not contain solvents

Does not contain solvents

Made from Olive Oil Marseille soap

Made from Olive Oil Marseille soap

Used diluted or straight from the bottle

Used diluted or straight from the bottle

Product Details

Commonly used all over France, this is a traditional product made in the Marseille region for over a hundred years. It has incredibly effective cleaning power and a wide range of uses on stains, dirt, grease and grime. It comes in several different versions, unscented and scented with added Lavender Essential Oil or Citrus Essential Oils. The unscented version has a strong very traditional soap smell, almost like an old fashioned coal tar smell. The versions that are scented smell wonderfully of natural Lavender or Citrus Fruits.

Used diluted or straight from the bottle it cleans walls, floors, leather, glass, kitchen, bathrooms, garden, plants, furniture, silverware, copper and jewellery.

How to use

It's a strong product so for most jobs it is best to use diluted. Use half a bucket of warm water and about 1- 2 tablespoons of black soap liquid (or a dollop) depending on the job being tackled. Here are some cleaning jobs that you can use this product diluted - 

  • Walls, floors, tiled floors (avoid varnished finishes and unvarnished wood), glass, leather, kitchen and bathroom sink
  • It can be used to wash your dog to give them a shiny coat and eliminate some parasites (diluted only) 
  • Cleaning garden furniture and garden paths - scrub as necessary. It can also be use to scrub clean your patio area - decking and stone
  • Can be used for car washing - great shine finish
  • For mopping floors - you can use even more diluted 
  • It can also be used to remove stains from clothing before washing - either pre wash in a bucket of diluted solution (as directed above) or rub stain with a dollop of undiluted Black Soap, depending on the nature of the fabric it may be advisable to do a spot test first.

Use diluted as above as a natural insecticide for aphids, whitefly and other pests in your garden, decant into a spray bottle and squirt infected leaves. 

Undiluted: use a small amount on a damp cloth to clean stainless steel surfaces such as the cooker hood, front of the fridge and other stainless steel kitchen appliances to remove smudges and fingerprints and to leave a clean shine - absolutely brilliant. 

  • Silverware, copper and jewellery - use small amount on a damp cloth and rub
  • Very effective cleaner for cooker hobs and greasy cooker hoods
  • Cast iron such as wood burning stoves, grates, BBQ grills etc. (We use it undiluted on our cast iron hob with a brush and a cloth)
  • Effective cleaner for DIY tools, garden tools, paint brushes

Customer Reviews

Key Ingredients

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Olive Oil

Olive oil is close in chemical structure to the skin's natural oil and is the perfect moisturiser, especially for dry skin. It has regenerative properties and keeps skin soft and supple. It has powerful antiseptic and healing properties; it’s antiviral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory as well as having high levels of antioxidants so it protects skin from damaging effects of pollution as well as being moisturising and soothing.
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Customer Reviews

I love these soap flakes! Good value... they do 100s of washes. no plastic, no nasty substances that harm the environment. Gentle on your clothes and skin.... and I love the smell when you are making the flakes into liquid - like a real Victorian kitchen.

Review by J B. on 16 Jan 2020

Beautiful soap flakes, slightly finer grade than the french ones, but work exactly the same. Utterly LOVE this stuff. Easy to make up the liquid, perfect for sensitive skin, plus the advantage it is totally biodegradable. Perfect for machine washing wool, silk, and any delicate fabric. Towels come up soft and snugly, wool also keeps its softness. I cannot recommend this highly enough! WONDERFUL!

Review by Pippa T. on 12 May 2019

Loving this product, easy to use, environmentally friendly, reducing plastic and it does a great job on the laundry

Review by Fiona S. on 9 Jul 2019

I have just reordered these flakes. I enjoy mixing up a tub! Good value, effective washing. With a drop of the Marseilles lavender washing liquid added clothes smell lovely too!

Review by Stella H. on 11 Aug 2019

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