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General purpose household cleaner - Black Liquid Marseille Soap

We thought we would tell you a bit more about this product! This one bottle can replace lots of other chemical cleaning products in your home

  • It is a natural plant based multi purpose household cleaner, planet friendly.

  • Made from Olive Oil Marseille soap 

  • Free From: Palm oil, colourings, fragrances, optical brighteners, parabens, phosphates, sulphates, mineral based products and animal fats

  • Naturally antiseptic and grime busting

  • Use indoors on floors, walls, glass, sinks, kitchen surfaces, soaking stained laundry, leather, stainless steel surfaces, cast iron hobs, fires, burnt saucepans and lots of other cleaning situations

  • Use outdoors on decking, wooden, rattan and plastic garden furniture, BBQ grills, garden tools, paint brushes, cars, dogs....

Used diluted or straight from the bottle, it's a strong product so for most jobs it is best to use diluted.  Use half a bucket of warm water and about 1- 2 tablespoons of black soap liquid (or a dollop) depending on the job being tackled. For mopping floors - use more diluted. For most household jobs use diluted. It has a very strong "old fashioned" soap smell, some people hate it but we love it.  Here are some recent examples from our family and friends 

  • My Father in Law has just cleaned all his wooden garden furniture with this - he is very pleased. Also no problems with the water draining away into the garden, this is a biodegradable natural product. He used the product diluted in a bowl of water and scrubbed away. He didn't wear rubber gloves.
  • My mum puts a dollop in her teapot, fills up with water and leaves to soak. It removes all the tea stains.
  • I use a small amount undiluted on a damp cloth to clean stainless steel surfaces such as the cooker hood, front of the fridge and other stainless steel kitchen appliances to remove smudges and fingerprints and to leave a clean shine - absolutely brilliant.
  • My friend Claire gave a bottle to her Dad who absolutely LOVES it and uses it in the shower - I said "oooh what a good idea - cleaning the shower whilst you are having a shower" She said "no - he uses it to wash himself" !! You can use this product in this way (it is just soap) - but we would advise doing a patch test first and then only using it diluted.